[3830] Need contact with N8BJQ

Bernd Och bernd.och at boc.de
Tue Apr 13 15:39:46 EDT 1999


this is Ben, DL6FBL/CN8WW.

Sorry for misusing this reflector, but I am looking
for a direct contact with WPX director Steve, N8BJQ.
Obviously he is drowned in the flood of WPX logs at
his regular mailbox n8bjq at erinet.com. I have a direct
question at him and tried to get through that Email
pile-up there, but no chance, hi...

Does anyone know another way to contact Steve?

tnx + 73 de Ben

P.S.: I will be in Dayton. Arrival in the U.S. probably
Wednesday, May 12. Departure the Wednesday after.
Still not sure, which airport I will use. Maybe I'll have
a rental car and drive around a little (it's my first time
to the U.S., hi)... Are there any "ham attractions"? ;-)

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