[3830] VE3STT - OQP So/Ab/Lp/Mixed HAM

David Jones djones at hwcn.org
Wed Apr 28 18:26:57 EDT 1999

      Call used: VE3STT   Location: HAM (Hamilton-Wentworth)
      Category: Single Op LOW POWER	  Mode: MIXED
      Callsign of Operator: VE3STT
      Exchanged Information: VE3STT RST HAM 
      band   QSOs  points  mults
      160     7      17      7	   Inv-L (currently apex 39')
       80    76     102     45    Inv-V dipole (apex 39')
       40    96     128     44    Inv-V dipole (apex 33')
       20    14      16      8	   2el Quad (spider at 50')
       15     4       8      4			"
       10     2       4      2			"
       50     0       0      0
      144     3       3      3    2m/70cm vertical at ~25'
      432     2       2      2
      TOTAL  204     280    115      SCORE: 32,200
 Comments: Alot more activity again this year and better bands too (at least
 40/80m)!  Could have used more people on the higher bands.
 Worked hard on the wire antennas the week before OQP, with an 80m dipole
 and 160m Inverted-L added to the collection.  And, thank goodness I put up
 a 40m dipole on Saturday morning.  All played better than the vertical for
 the close contacts!
 Next year...retain the mults as is (one per band), but how about points at
 least for both CW and an SSB contact?  Might
 lead to even more activity, and certainly more "mixed" incentive.
 I'll be interested to see any "CW only logs" - must have been a test of
 Had a great time!
      I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations for
 amateur radio  in my country.  My report  is correct and true to the best
 of my knowledge.  I agree  to be bound by  the decisions of the contest
 David Jones  VE3STT
 e-mail: djones at hwcn.org

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