[3830] ZM2K CQWW-CW M/S story

Wilbert Knol w.knol at niwa.cri.nz
Wed Dec 1 22:49:45 EST 1999

                        CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1999
          Call: ZM2K                     Country:  New Zealand
          Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Single
          Zone: 32
          160        3        4     1.33      3       3
           80       36       91     2.53     22      30
           40      541     1590     2.94     28      77
           20      850     2520     2.96     31     100
           15      891     2628     2.95     31      95
           10     1947     5798     2.98     30      84
         Totals   4268    12631     2.96    145     389  => 
         6,744,954 (raw)
    All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.
    QSL: bureau or direct to ZL2IR
    Operator List: G4EDG, ZL2AZ, ZL2AGY, ZL2DX, ZL2BSJ
    Venue: Barry's Woolshed, Long Ridge, Sunny Wairarapa
    Equipment Description:
    TS930 + SB201 (run stn)
    IC725 (mult stn, 1st half)
    FT847 + SB100 (mult stn, 2nd half, tnx ZL2AZ!)
    Ant: 7 el (10), 5 el (15), 4 el (20), vert (40), dp 
    Logging: CT9.40 over .X25
    Club Affiliation: Kiwi Contest Group
    Thanks to those who provided gear, initially it looked 
    like Single Op/Some Bands/QRP. Also thanks to Steve G4EDG 
    for popping down, radiation hardened from ZK3,  to help 
    out. I reckon Steve is probably responsible for single 
    handedly scoring 2/3rds of our run QSOs, and he carries on 
    what is starting to become a tradition of excellent CW 
    guest ops from G-land.
    Low points:
    Turning up with a box full of cans of 'contest spaghetti' 
    and baked beans & sausage, only to find the microwave oven 
    High point: 
    Tony's wife Mary arriving with a carload of food: 
    Shepherd's pie, bowls with nuts, rasins, strawberries...a 
    huge bowl of lovely creamy desert with bits of kiwi fruit, 
    and, a stroke of genius, a square metre slab of chocolate! 
    At this point we seriously considered flagging the lousy 
    contest to put the chairs out on the woolshed 'balcony' 
    for a pig-out...
    A big Southerly change soon put a stop to that... as the 
    rain started pelting down, temperatures dropped to 9 C. 
    So...we reluctantly shuffled back to our battle stations, 
    cocooning ourselves in sleeping bags.
    Toughest call: turning on the 1000 W fan heater caused the 
    mains supply to sag even further, reducing RF output at 
    the multiplier station by 50 W. What to do? Sorry DX....
    Stickiest moment:
    Peeking through a cobwebbed window to see Nigel, 13 yrs, 
    roar past in the farm truck. Behind it, being towed by one 
    leg, and flapping around like a rag doll, a sheep ... 
    succumbed to blood poisoning and headed for 'the pit'.
    Most interesting episode:
    Witnessing 15 m signals from Scandinavia wrap around the 
    globe a few times. I quickly recorded a bit of OH1JD in a 
    WAV file, at times the callsign can be heard almost twice.
    Most embarrassing episode (this is starting to sound like 
    a teenager's magazine...): discovering we missed ZL on 20 
    m, and VK6 (Z-29) on 20 and 10.
    Luckiest Escape: not having Chris ZL2DX on site to give us 
    stick over the missed ZL multiplier!
    A good time was had by all...thanks to those who took the 
    time to work us.
    Wilbert, ZL2BSJ.

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