[3830] ARRL SS SSB AA4LR SO Low Power

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Thu Dec 2 09:52:32 EST 1999

                     ARRL Sweepstakes - SSB
Call: AA4LR
Operator(s): AA4LR
Station: AA4LR

Class: SO Low Power
Operating Time (hrs): 7

Section: GA

 Band     QSOs
  160:      0
   80:     95
   40:     42
   20:     49
   15:     22
   10:     40
Total:    248 x     73  =  36,208


Club:  South East Contest Club

Venerable TS-430S running 90 watts PEP
R7000 at 8 feet
125 foot doublet at 35 feet
10/15 attic-mounted delta loops at 22 feet

Operating time is about 7 hours by Sweepstakes reaconing, but there were a
number of interruptions unaccounted for by the 30 minute minimum.

Due to other commitments, my operating time was limited, so I decided to not
take the contest too seriously and focus on having fun. 

Missed NNY, SFL, NV, NE, SD and MB. I'm sure I would have gotten these with a
little more time on. Seems I worked all the hard ones: VI, YT/NWT, DE, HI, WY.
Worked VY1JA both modes this year -- thanks Jay!

Even a limited contest operation is an opportunity to learn. In the opening
hour of the contest, 10m was wide open with lots of activity -- YT, HI, AK and
other mults with big pileups. But in the first half hour, I only worked 11
stations. There was just too much competition for my low-power, crummy antenna
station. So, I swiched strategies and S & Ped 40m and 20m -- which netted 21 Qs
in the same time.

This was nearly all an S & P exercise for me. But in the last hour of the
contest, I called CQ on 80m - 54 Qs in a 40 minute period. Since 1997, I have
raised the 125 foot doublet to 35 feet from 15 feet, and it is now a good
performer. Will work even better when I get it to 45 feet when the tower is up.

Worked several SECC guys including AA4S, K4AB, K4BAI, K4NO, K9AY, KT4ZB. Also
worked my Alma Mater W4AQL. The TCG guys were out in force. Way to go!

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