[3830] Stew Perry K9ZO Single Op

k9gy at contesting.com k9gy at contesting.com
Sun Dec 19 20:08:01 EST 1999

                     Stew Perry Topband Challenge
Call: K9ZO
Operator(s): K9GY
Station: K9ZO 

Class: Single Op
Power: LP
Operating Time (hrs): 13

Grid Square: EN50

QSOs: 284  Score: 1586


Many thanks to Ralph and family for having me over. I thought Murphy started 
early when my cruise control was acting up at the start of a two hour drive, 
but fixed that, whew! Ralph wanted me to do a QRP, but that didn't even last 
one Q, since I didn't get a response, so up to 100w I went. Geez, first five 
hours or so was great, stayed on 1.807 for the whole time. I guess CQing 
does work, hi. Ran across some beacons late in the morning: "3KIZ" @ 1819.06
around 1016z, and "BCK" @ 1812.04 around 1244z - Any QSO points for them, hi.
Found out the EN50 competition when W9SE called me, ouch my ears! Ended up
taking a nap from about 08-0930z...when you are 35 yrs old you just can't party
like you used to! Didn't work enough of those 6 pointers from the West Coast,
what happened? Worked some cool DX: VK6, CO, KV4, C6A, ZF, KH6. I think I
'infected' Ralph with the Stew Perry bug?

Overall, a nice treat to work 160m since no 160m @ home. 

Equip: FT1000MP, Sloper antenna pointed NE, TR v6.46 

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