[3830] Stew Perry KT4ZX Single Op

leewells at lexmark.com leewells at lexmark.com
Mon Dec 20 14:46:30 EST 1999

                     Stew Perry Topband Challenge
Call: KT4ZX
Operator(s): KT4ZX
Station: KT4ZX

Class: Single Op
Power: LP
Operating Time (hrs): 13.5

Grid Square: EM78

QSOs: 206  Score: 1012


TX Antenna:  72 ft shunt fed tower
RX Antennas:  80m inv vee, 500' low long wire.
Rig: 	Icom 765 - 100 Watts

WriteLog says just under 7 hours of on time....(lots of breaks when things got

Thanks to everyone who stuck in there while I pulled you out, and sorry to
those that I couldn't pull through.  I had an S5 noise level with 20db of
attenuation.  My quick attempt at a beverage-like long wire thing, didn't play
very well.  I've gotta put up some real rx antennas....either real beverages,
or maybe K9AY loops.

Only 2 DX stations....ZF2 & KV4.

Noise was bad & the QSB didn't help.....but it was still fun!

--Lee - KT4ZX

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