[3830] AB5SE CQ 160 CW SO/HP

Jerry Richards ab5se at ipa.net
Mon Feb 1 15:01:08 EST 1999

AB5SE (@N5ZS)  Single-op  High Power

State: Arkansas

QSO's - 706
Mults - 68
Score - 113,152

Total Hours: 16

Equipment: Kenwood 870
Antennas: Conical Monopole & Shunt Fed 95' Tower (No receive only antennas)

Static crashes put a stop to my Friday night operating after just 4 hours.
I had an Excedrin headache to beat all Excedrin headaches.  The static was
so loud it made even loud signals difficult to copy.  I was forced to ask
for fills on virtually every QSO which was depressing and embarrassing.
Saturday night was better (just S7 - 10db over S9 noise!!) and I forced
myself to operate all night.  Had a pre-contest goal of 1000 Q's and
obviously finished well short but am content considering the QRN.

Thanks for all the Q's!

73, Jerry, AB5SE

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