ny4t ny4t at home.com
Sun Feb 14 20:12:37 EST 1999


 Contest Dates : 13-Feb-99, 14-Feb-99, 15-Feb-99

         Callsign Used : NY4T
         Operator : NY4T

         Category : Low Power

 Default Exchange : RS QSO# TN

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   

   80SSB       7           7          7 
   40SSB       7           7          7 
   20SSB      20          20         20 
   15SSB      14          14         14 
   10SSB      18          18         18 

 Totals       66          66         66 

66 x 36 Mults = 2376 x 1.5 LP Bonus = 3464 Points

What an exhausting exercise in searching and pouncing, busting into nets
and QSO's and moving YL's to various bands.  Participation seemed down
from last year.  This contest needs to be publicized more as it has
great potential !  Amazingly, many YL's on nets didn't even know about
the contest.

Started pretty well with rate meter even hitting 18 for a while in first
couple of hours.  Active solar conditions prevented many DX contacts
until Sunday morning when I logged IK, UR, and DL.  Last year's tally
was 54 x 41 for 3321 so I was at least able to improve on that.  I think
I have a good shot as repeating as Worldwide winner in this one since
the YL's I asked said they hadn't encountered any QSO numbers even close
to mine.  Several had me repeat my QSO number several times as they were
used to hearing those in the single digits.

Thanks to WA1S, Ann, '97 CQWW SSB USA winner for making a special effort
to get on the air and give me NH on 5 bands.  TCG in log, 1, KE4YBS on
40 and 80.  Couldn't hear her on 160.  Heard her on 15 but just as I was
going to call her a DX station took over her frequency.  Thanks, Gail.

The difference this year:  Fewer YL's seriously participating
(Valentine's Day?), absolutely no one calling on 75 meters.  At least 10
meters was usable this year.  Last year had only 1 Q on 10. 

I will probably work it again next year if I have a title to defend. 
With a micro-station like mine the only other title I have is the Phone
Only USA in the Florida QSO Party so one must make do.  I sent out over
100 e-mails to get YL's on the air in this one and got back 5
responses.  I think we still have a lot of walls to break down in order
to get more YL's involved in contesting.

Rule Fixes:  Recommended frequencies on 10M included 28.300-350, which
is by agreement a non-contesting window.  Recommended frequencies on 75
meters are at the upper end of the band where major nets meet.  They
should at least be moved to the low end of the general portion.  No
allowance for mobiles who move from one mult to another in this one. 
The way I read the rules, you can only work a station once per band
regardless of whether they move to another multiplier.  E-Mailed contest
manager for ruling or clarification 3 days in advance of contest but
received no answer.

Aside from that, a .dom file for some of the major contest programs
would be nice.

Lee (NY4T)

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