[3830] K6ZZ/m CW Sprint - Low Power

Selbrede, Bob W. Selbrede at aria.edwards.af.mil
Wed Feb 17 16:07:08 EST 1999

Had to accompany our Boy Scout Troop out on a weekend campout so I decided
to see what the CW Sprint would be like as a Low Power Mobile entry.  It was
an interesting experience to say the least!  Ran an Icom 706 (thanks to
Will, K6NDV for the loaner) and an Outbacker.  Only had enough time for
about an hour at the beginning of the contest on 20M.  Rig didn't have any
CW filters so I tried to stick close to 14060 to keep the QRM down.  Noticed
a heavy amount of front end overloading with all the big signals on the
band!  Thanks for the Q's.

73, Bob K6ZZ 

K6ZZ/mobile - Low Power
QSOs:	30
Mults:	20
Score:	600 Points
Team:	SCCC #2

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