ken keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Sun Feb 21 20:44:25 EST 1999

ARRL DX CW 1999   K6RC at n6ro  MULTI-MULTI

 OPS: K6RC,N6RO,N6BV        599CA

  BAND   Raw QSOs     Countries   

  160CW       57		20			
   80CW      198		47 
   40CW      798		80
   20CW      595		80 
   15CW     1250		93
   10CW      598		75

 Totals    3496		395

Rough Score:   4.14 M

Stuff: IC765 (2), FT1000mp, TS950, Alpha 76 (4); stacks, wires; CT9.37

A fun event! 4 stations networked. K6RC & N6RO played for about 42 hours
each, N6BV for the first 20 hrs.  At times, two of us were CQing on 4
radios, rolling our chairs around the shack to whichever radio responded.
At other times, we napped or listened to rain static.  

Other objectives, besides a good time, were to evaluate a new 80m array,
compare receivers in modified FT1000MPs (ala K2KW/N6BV), stock MP, and
IC765s, tune a new 20m beam, and make some points for our local club, the
River City Contesters.  Most of the Radio Oakley multi team were committed
elsewhere, so Dave(K6 River City) and I decided to Iron-Man the test, with
the help of N6BV on Friday PM/Sat AM. 

Results;  the 80m 4 Square kicked butt (despite the TCI modem junk
emissions from 3510-3540), we learned more about the AGC/audio issues in
the MP, and had a wonderful time, due to working lots of EU on all bands
except 160. No work on the 20m beam due to wx and fatigue on Sunday. 

Expect record scores in all categories.  Might get serious in this test
next year.
  73, N6RO

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