[3830] KA2RDO CQ WW 160 SO HP

Mark Hoffman mark_hoffman at greece.k12.ny.us
Fri Mar 5 23:02:14 EST 1999

Call: KA2RDO
Name: Mark Hoffman
State: NY
Hours: 12.5
Power: 600w

QSOs: 417
Dom Mult: 49
DX Mult: 8
Score: 54,378

Still trying to get used to TR. Ended up making all the first nights QSO's,
and looking at the log later realizing that I forgot to change MODE, so
looks like all was CW. Whoops.

Haven't run SSB tests in a long time other than VHF- and it shows. Condx
good - Eu at their sunrise was great. I4JMY and OT9T were well over S9 into
Western New York. Many W6/7 loud here as well, on nothing more than a bent
133' dipole turned into a top-loaded vertical with a dozen radials laying on
the ground.

Hope to have at least one NE/SW beverage, and perhaps a better tx antenna
next year. Good luck to all.

Mark Hoffman, KA2RDO
FN12cs, Geneseo NY.

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