[3830] V73UX - ARRL Int'l DX SSB/SO/AB/HP

Dave Fortin dfortin at fortin.cncfamily.com
Sun Mar 14 10:23:37 EST 1999

<bigger>                 ARRL INTERNATIONAL DX CONTEST -- 1999

      Call: V73UX                    Country:  Marshall Islands

      Mode: SSB                      Category: Single Operator High


      160        0        0           0

       80      137      411          38

       40        8       24           5

       20      363     1089          47

       15      554     1662          53

       10      700     2100          52


     Totals   1762     5286         195  =   1,030,770

Equipment Description:


Ameritron AL-1500

Antenna: Log Periodic

Worked contest from the Kwajalein Amateur Radio Club station.  Conditions
were very good.  Had a lot of fun running the pileups.  I tried a litte
40M, but we only had an 80M inv-L that we can tune for 40M.  Experienced
some arcing in the tuner and had to patch it up to continue.  Decided not
to push it and stayed off of 40M.  Hopefully we will have the 40M beam in
the air soon so that we can make a better showing on 40M next time!  Did
better than expected on 80M.  I used the inv-L and had an S9 noise

Missed the last few hours of the contest due to work.  Oh

73, Dave - V73UX


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