[3830] KT0R M/S CQ-M DX Contest 1999

Sean Warner K0XQ k0xq at amsat.org
Sun May 9 17:37:57 EDT 1999

KT0R CQ-M 1999
Ops: KT0R, K0XQ   Category: M/S  Op Time: 10 hours

Band         QSO       MULT

160              0               0
80                0               0
40               10              5
20              317           43
15              100           27
10                0              0

               427              75         Score: 87300

Rigs: 2 Yaesu FT-1000Ds
Amp: 2 Alpha 78

40m Ant: 2 el monobander
20m Ant: 4 el monobander
15m Ant: 5 el monobander

Spotter Antenna: CL-33 tribander


Fun contest, too bad Mom's day & other commitments didn't allow a bigger
effort to take advantage of fantastic conditions on 20 & 15. Really missed
the boat this morning (Sunday) by sleping in & missing most of great 15m
opening at sunrise. Last year, worked a lot of stateside; this year all EUR,
UA & UA9, virtually no stateside. Wish more stateside guys would give this
one a try, nice short DX contest where you can work everyone, & seemingly
big Euro participation, in addition to all the UAs. As an aside, one of the
things I really like in this one is to listen to all the excellent UA CW ops
& how they run the pileups.

73 de K0XQ Sean

Sean Warner K0XQ
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