[3830] A45XR SOSB 15m HP Score

Chris DABROWSKI a45xr at gto.net.om
Mon May 31 11:59:29 EDT 1999


2963           7854               2.7              847

TOTAL:  6.652.338

RIG: FT 757 GX + TL 922

ANT: 2-ele DELTA 20m high

Outstanding conditions! Band was wide open 48 hours.

It was very hard to QRT two hours before the end of test when I reached 36 hours of operation.
There were still so many stations calling...
First time ever decided to run single band. Avoided frustrations on low bands which are
now terrible here.
Can not believe that broke World Record for 15m!
Hope nobody else have made same decission as me, hi

73! Chris

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