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Wed Nov 3 11:28:13 EST 1999

                     CQ Worldwide DX Contest - SSB
Call: WA7BNM
Operator(s): WA7BNM
Station: WA7BNM

Class: SOSB/20 LP
Operating Time (hrs): 21:17

 Band     QSOs  Zones  Countries
   20:    347     37    106
Total:    347     37    106  =  137,852


I started the contest on 10-meters in what I thought would be another all band
effort. However, after a couple of hours, the fatigue of the past couple of
weeks caught up with me. Operating low power 40m split was the final insult. I
went to bed early and got some much needed rest.

Saturday morning I felt mentally better, but it was too late to resume a
competitive all band operation, so I decided to give 20m single band low power
a shot. Although I could never generate any significant runs on the band, I
worked a lot of countries and zones that I've never worked in this contest
before. I thought I had a chance to work 39 zones (34 doesn't exist from my
point of view), but could never find zones 23 and 24 on 20m, even though I had
worked them at the beginning of the contest on 15/10m.

Anyway, I'm happy with the result, which broke the W6-land low power 20m
record, and I learned a lot about 20m that will be useful in future all band

My hearty congratulations to Larry, K6RO, for smashing the existing W6-land low
power all band record with 1.7M points. A tremendous score from the West Coast.

As a final note, many contesters experience problems with complaints from their
neighbors. I live in suburban Los Angeles on a 50-foot wide lot, which means
that my antennas barely fit within the boundaries of my lot. One of my next
door non-ham neighbors is an audiophile whose major passion (similar to mine
for contesting) is listening to his multi-thousand classical record collection
on his high-end stereo system. Since the upgrade of his stereo, it has become
an extremely effective antenna for radio signals. The bottom line is that when
I'm on the air, he can't listen to his stereo. However, he has been very
supportive of my "right" to operate. I got a big laugh when my wife informed me
during the contest that my neighbor and his wife had developed a cheer to help

Brucester, Brucester,
He's our man
If he can't reach them,
No one can.

>From W A 7 B N M
Bruce will contact them
Give a listen and you will hear
Our guy Bruce loud and clear.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn at hornucopia.com)

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