[3830] CQWW CW 9G5ZW SOSB/10 HP

Zdeno, 9G5ZW Accraczemb at ighmail.com
Tue Nov 30 00:58:37 EST 1999

               CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1999

 Call: 9G5ZW                    Country:  Ghana
 Mode: CW                       Category: SO SB HP


  10     3742    11185     2.99     38     141

Totals   3742    11185     2.99     38     141  =>  2,002,115

All reports sent were 599, unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description: an old FT-101ZD WITHOUT CW filter
                       14 el. log-periodic

Wow! What a weekend again. Excellent condx both days, nice LP
openings to JA both nights. Band nearly never completely died.
It was pitty I had no better equipment. I often felt like
an aligator, but it was hard work without a cw filter. And
pile-ups were really huge.

Although missed some easy mults finally beat 2M points. All in
all - had a lot of fun - and that is all about.

Thanks to Ralph 9G1RQ for leting me the rig and to everybody
for calling and points.

Zdeno, 9G5ZW/OK2ZW

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