[3830] New Score Posting Tool for CQWW SSB goes online!

Dinkelman, Michael W. Mdinkelm@physio-control.com
Fri Oct 29 15:26:41 EDT 1999

Hello fellow contesters

	CQWW SSB will be the debut of a new score posting tool.
Bruce, WA7BNM has come up with a Web page that standardizes the
posting of score summaries to 3830. You simply fill in the blanks
and a plain text e-mail is generated in a format easily readable
by man and machine.

	The subject of the e-mail will contain all the recommended
info as suggested by the 3830 FAQ. Your address (or the one you put
in) will show up as the sender so replies/comments will be forwarded
back to you. There is room for soapbox comments, team member calls,
optional band breakdowns, and ... well, just about anything you see
on a normal summary sheet. The difference being, this summary sheet
is always formatted the same way with readily identifiable fields.

	Do you have to use it? No, of course not. This is simply a tool.
If you prefer just pasting your summary to your e-mail and mailing 
it in as usual. No problem.  However, if enough people start using this
tool, it will expand the possibilities on summary reporting and make the 
job quite a bit easier on the person doing summaries. (Since that 
is currently me, and I won't mince words here, I DO have a vested 
interest in the page being used. <g>) Also, as a List Administrator,
I see this tool as a method of reducing the BOUNCED messages to 
3830 by a significant factor as the messages will be properly 
formatted (no HTML, no attachments, no CC:'s) 

	The page will go live some time just before the start of 
the contest. Until then, you can test the page (The e-mail will 
get sent back to the sender) if you want. If we can gain acceptance
of this new tool, versions will be created for most major contests. 
So... point your browser to http://www.hornucopia.com/3830score after 
the contest and select the link to CQWW SSB. 

As always, any discussion should be direct to myself, to WA7BNM, 
or to the CQ-Contest reflector. 3830 is for score posting only.

Good luck in the contest!
dink, N7WA

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