[3830] VY2SS M/S CQWW RTTY score

Andy McLellan ve9dx at brunnet.net
Fri Oct 1 22:12:14 EDT 1999

 1999 CQ World-Wide RTTY DX Contest

CALL: VY2SS                                                     
Multi-Op. Single Transmitter 

Band     QSO's     Points     Zones     DX:     States
80m       88            200          12           25        31
40m       302          757          19           64        48
20m       666        1729          32           90        56
15m       655        1774          31           94        54
10m       318          868          24           74        38

Final score 3,686,976

Operators: N1RCT,W4GKM,WT4I,K5DJ,VE5FN,
VE9's DX,MY,WH, VY2's DR,LI and SS.

(This is a repeat of an earlier message. I somehow forgot an important
part of the operation>  Missed Bill (VY2LI) on the operators listing
before... sorry Bill.)

Great contest.  Nice to see 10 so lively.  Used the new Version 10
of Writelog and have to tell you all it was awesome.  

Lost our 2 main amps, one just before the contest and the second early
Sunday morning.

See you all the end of October on SSB.  We will  operate  VY2SS M/M then.

73 Andy (VE9DX)

ve9dx at rac.ca

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