[3830] LW7DX CQP log OP LU9AY

mats lu9ay at qsl.net
Mon Oct 4 02:11:08 EDT 1999

                           CAL QSO PARTY SUMMARY SHEET
	 Callsign Used : LW7DX
         Operator : LU9AY
         Category : single op.. mixed mode 
 Default Exchange : # LU
Team Club : kukhuvud contest club

438 valid CW q´s 
486 valid SSB q´s

53 mults

TOTAL SCORE : 48.972 pts

Comments.. : had to do hand logs  because of puter birdies at LW7DX´s   =(
my apologize to all the poor souls that worked me as a dupe, had to fight
tooth and nail for every Q there
it´d be nice if DX stations were worth 2 or 3 points for CA.. I dont mean a
"MULT" cause it´s a CA contest.. but just give them some points or
something.. to encourage working DX , whatever.. dont know
I re-typed the 395 q´s into CT as post contest.. but the silly thing didnt
compute the mults?? ?I´ll just send the log via Email and let them check it
well, just had a nice time working old friends.. and trying to find out who
was who.. using those cool 1X1 calls  =)

BTW: the LW7DX call sucked,  I got called W7DX, NW7DX; KK7DX, and all other
possible combinations  =)

73´s and tnx for the nice time agn..


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