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Tue Oct 5 03:30:19 EDT 1999

Sponsored by the Notrhern California Contest Club (NCCC)

CALL                       County/State/Provice/Country:  ORG 

 QSOs   CLASS (check all that apply)
160    3    7         X Single Operator
80   88  112         Multi-Single
40  114  191         Multi-Multi
20  179  406         California County Expedition
15  190  396         Mobile
10  134  618         Novice/Technician
6    0    0 Combined
2    0    0 QSOs Operators:                           .
Total: 708 1730 2438                                            .

POINTS: 2124 3460                                                    .

Total points:  5584
Total Multiplier:  58           
Final Score:  323872

Daniel Craig, AD6DO 
200 Barcelona Circle 
Fullerton, CA  92835 

 Tel #:  411                           .
Age:         18 at the start, 19 at the end                      

Comments:  Wow!  What a great contest!  First of all, I must give a big 
thanks to Herb, KG6OK, for letting me use his great station again.  My goal 
was to get 2400 qso's (100 q's an hour), get in the top 3, break the old ORG 
record, and of course to beat K6LA.  As of right now, I accomplished all of 
those.  The ORG record is history, I beat it by 50k!  I beat K6LA by 8 QSO 
points!!!  Thats like 3 CW qso's!  What a close finish..this one will 
definately come down to log checking.  I have lots of things to work on for 
next year to improve my score.  Thanks a lot for all of the Q's.  I still 
have 2 more years before I can get the wine...I will be stuck with another 
bottle of cider again this year.  My birthday was on October 3rd, so didnt 
have time for celebrating this year. Rates were down from last year, not sure 
why, conditions seemed to be a little bit better.

73, Daniel  AD6DO

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