Joe Carvalho joe.carvalho at wcom.com
Wed Oct 6 00:05:08 EDT 1999

BAND    SSB(Q's)
160          0
80            5
40          72
20        213
15          89
10            1
TOTAL:380 q's, 58 counties

44080 points.

10m was a great band if I wanted to talk to people over the Pole, but it was
totally useless for generating q's to the left coast.

New QTH and the only aerial I had up was the GAP Titan. Not quite sure how
it survived being ripped down from the  mast by 100mph winds a couple of
weeks ago. The quad loop blew down and was last seen blowing  through
Kansas. 160m L decided high wind  conditions  were too much and gave up the
ghost, being elevated by 2'-3' shrubs didn't cut it.

Hanging last years 1'st place for Colorado CQP certificate was a great
motivator. Finally made all 58 CA counties..woo woo! A 6 call in Colorado is
the kiss of death for CQP. I had more NON-CA stations calling to work me
than I could handle. Coulda, woulda, shoulda used the /0. My hindsight
requires no corrective eyeware.

Tnx to all that heard me.

DE KR6NA/0 (stroke nothing)

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