[3830] Re: WANTED: Logs for Contest Master Callsign Database 2000

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Tue Oct 5 21:07:23 EDT 1999

A progress report:

I was away on vacation 3 weeks in September.  I am finally starting to go 
through the logs and build the new database.  I have received 385 mail 
messages to process (slightly fewer than last year).  I am processing them 
in the order they were received.  So far, 59 logs are in the master file, 
which now contains about 8500 callsigns with 5 or more "hits".

If you have not sent me your contest logs yet, there is still time.  Please 
send them as an attachment to this E-mail address and not to any of the 

I hope to release the database by the weekend of 16/17-October - this is 2 
weeks before CQWW SSB.  If you are travelling and need the database sooner 
than that, send me a message and I'll try to send you an advance copy.

73 - Jim AD1C

At 02:50 PM 08/30/1999 -0400, I wrote:

>With the 1998-1999 contest season fast approaching, it's time to update 
>the master callsign database that is used by CT, NA and TR logging 
>programs.  This database helps people match partial callsigns using their 
>logging program's "Super Check Partial" feature, even if you haven't 
>worked that call yet.
>This year, I only need logs from the 1998-1999 contest season.  This
>         CQWW (October and November 1998)
>         ARRL Sweepstakes (November 1998)
>         ARRL DX (February and March 1999)
>         CQ WPX (March and May 1999)
>         IARU HF Championship (July 1999)
>Of course, logs from the 10 meter and 160 meter contests, All Asia, and 
>WAE are also welcome.
>I especially need logs from Europe, Asia and the many DXpeditions that 
>were active.  This way we'll get a good balance of stateside as well as DX 
>callsigns in the database.
>If you sent your CQWW log electronically, and you have a "UBN" page on the 
>cqww.com web server, just send me your password (CW and/or SSB) and I'll 
>download the log from there, no need to E-mail it to me.
>I prefer to receive original .BIN files from CT.  If you are using NA or 
>TR, please send me the ASCII-formatted log file instead.  You can send the 
>log file to me as an attachment from your E-mail program.  Please note the 
>contest name, date and callsign used in your E-mail message (it makes it 
>easier for me to put the file in the right place).  I don't have an FTP 
>site for uploading log files, but might be able to work something out if 
>there is enough demand.
>A week or two before the CQWW Phone contest, I will announce the location 
>of the updated master callsign files.
>Please send logs and any comments or questions to 
><jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>. I will try to acknowledge every log I receive, 
>usually within a day or two.
>Thanks again for your continued cooperation in this effort.
>73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert AD1C <jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>

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