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Wed Oct 6 17:00:47 EDT 1999

                      California QSO Party -- 1999

      Call: W1AF                     Country: United States  
      State: Massachusetts           Category: Multi Multi - School
      School: Harvard University    

      MODE      QSO    QSO PTS  MULTS

      CW         6       18        4
      SSB        7       14        7

      Totals    13       32       11  =   352

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Operator List: KO1O, N1EXQ, K3UOC, W1HFA, N3OQB, N2MSE, K1VR, & Jonathan

Equipment Description: Position 1: IC-781 + IC-4KL + X-7; Position 2:
IC-736 + IC-2KL + AT-500 + T-10 log + 40-2CD + 80 vee + 40 sloper.  

Club Affiliation: Harvard Wireless Club

Comment: As you know, we spent the weekend working our 90th Anniversary 
Special Event Operation.  But we worked all the CQP stations who called us 
looking for a few points.  Most were surprised that we were ready for them 
with our paper CQP log which we passed between the two operating positions.  
Anyway, it sounded like a great contest and next year, we'll have to do it 
for real from W1AF.  Too bad we couldn't submit our 1,734 contacts in the 
special event as our CQP log. . .hi.  I think we might have done pretty well. 
 So anyway here is, I would bet, the only non-CA SCHOOL MULTI/MULTI entry you 
will probably receive this year.  Congrats to Dean, N6DE for sponsoring the 
new School Plaque in the CQP. 

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

                             Signature _________________________________


               Harvard Wireless Club  W1AF
               6 Linden Street
               Cambridge, MA 02138

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