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>Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999 13:42:02 +0100
>From: Eddie Schneider <g0azt at themail.co.uk>
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>Subject: CQWW SOA TY1RY
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>1999 CQ/RJ WW RTTY Contest
>Call used: TY1RY
>Location:  TY
>Entry Class: Single Op, Assisted (WWW via 2 GHZ radio link to satellite)
>Band    QSOs   Pts   QTH    DX  Zones
>80         1     1     0     1     1  (guess who?)
>40        94   279    23    32    17
>20       597  1766    49    72    26
>15       719  2127    48    75    25
>10       577  1706    44    71    25
>Total   1988  5879   164   251    94
>Claimed Score: 2,992,411
>Software: RTTY by WF1B  v4.4f 
>Power Output: 1KW all day & night 
>Rig:  Yaesu System 600 (commercial)
>Amp:  JRL solid state, no tune smoke blower
>TNC:  PTC-2 + PK232 for tuning
>Ants: Log periodic 10-30 @ 65ft, 40-2CD fixed USA @ 45ft, G5RV (too low)
>Mucho pre contest work required. Removed badly corroded 40m beam from
>Peter's home QTH and erected it at the office after manufacturing new
>and replacing many U-bolts. The local work force were fantastic but most
>of Friday was spent 'discussing' the problems of palm trees,guy wires
>other coax runs which were impeding the installation :-)
>By night fall the beam was eventually in place but fixed to the USA.
>The G5RV was slung up btwn two palm trees with the aid of flash lights.
>Go time rapidly approached and I soon found out the the rig was very
>'swamped' (no adjustable AGC) by strong signals close by. On many
>I had to QSY because my rate dropped :-(
>80m SUCKS from West Africa but I knew that from our 1996 trip and
>more time was spent on the higher bands assuming that no one else would
>be as stupid as me and deprive themselves of sleep. WRONG! Jacob,P43P
>really showed 
>some stamina and Barry, W2UP proved to me that 2 radios should be
>banned, hi hi.
>It was great fun, while in S&P mode, to call stations and note the
>pregnant pause as they doubled checked their screens :-)  One comment on
>the DXcluster really made me smile, "TY1RY with a "phat" signal on xyz
>Peter,TY1PS and his family, were wonderful hosts and I actually had
>time, post contest, to get in some sight seeing. 
>THANKS to all who worked me, I had a great time, hope you all did too.
>73 GL/DX de Eddie G0AZT (ex Ty1RY)
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