[3830] EU SPRINT CW OH1F (OH1NOA op.)

Timo Timo
Sun Oct 10 12:10:47 EDT 1999

OH1F (OH1NOA op)

80m 51
40m 54
20m 64
tot  169

Rig: TS-850SAT + PA 800watts
80m 1/4-wave GP and inv vee
40m 3el yagi and dipole
20m 4/4el yagis and 4el yagi (pointed to SW and SE - transmitted to 2 directions)

Note: I made some tactical mistakes: I should spend more time on 20m where activity was. 40m was very poor this time - usually it is the best band in EU Sprint. Activity was also low, maybe an outstanding propagation on 10m kept people on higher bands? Where were OHs and S5s? Only worked two (OH6NEV and S51TA) - maybe Finns and Slovenians can only shout CQ with their big antennas - so it is impossible to take part in Sprints??
What happened to Dainius, LY1DS? He gave very low number. My only goal before the contest was to give Dan some run for the money ;=) ...


73 Timo OH1NOA at OH1F

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