[3830] KB1H WAG MS-Mixed Mode

Chris Terkla v-1cter at mssupport.microsoft.com
Mon Oct 18 16:13:39 EDT 1999

                    W O R K E D    A L L    G E R M A N Y   '9 9
Call . . . . . . .  KB1H      Multi-Single Mixed Mode

Operators. . . . .  Dick Pechie KB1H
                    Chris Terkla N1XS


 Band    QSO    QSO Pts   Multiplier  
 80m      45        135      20       
 40m      45        135      16       
 20m      69        207      20       
 15m     187        561      25       
 10m       4         12       4       
         350       1050      85       =   SCORE :     89250 

PWR: Heathkit SB220 KW (except on 10 only 100W)
ANT: 10m 5/5/5 85'/68'/51' Hygain 105CA's
     15m 5/5/5 120'/90'/60' Hygain 155CA's 
     20m 5/4/4 90'/90'/60' Telrex 5/ 2-Hygain 204BA's
     40m 3 ele KLM @ 85'
     80m 4 Square

10 The temporary amp with the old tubes did not like 10M and there did
not seem to be
   much activity there anyway.

15 Continues to be our money band. Ain't no meters like 15 meters.
Worked 25 DOK's but no J
   anywhere. Someone said there is no J DOK, but last year there was a
special "JR" DOK...
   was there one this year???

20 Not quite as good as 15 but OK.  Lots of Jamboree stations and RSGB
contester as well!

40 Worked a mostly on CW and heard many on SSB, but only one or two who
were listening UP!  
   Wish more stations had listened up as we heard many stations calling
just out of our 
   band privileges!

80 Worked mostly CW here, but as with 40 there was heavy QRN and SSB was
tough. Worked as many 
   DOK's on 80 as we did on 20.

Overall:  Good contest, lots of fun even if condx weren't to good.  Good
warmup for CQWW and we
          worked a few bugs out!  To bad we had a Germany and a Jamboree
contest on at the same
          time, lots of Jamboree folks answered our Germany CQ's! And of
course we always want to
          take a moment with the Jamboree stations and the scouts! Maybe
if the contests are on 
          the same weekend, JOTA QSO's could count to, got to keep
interest going in our hobby!
          Thanks to everyone who worked us! With the condx the way they
were, we got some rest in,
          and also had several hours of down time thanks to Mr. Murphy!

CU all in CQWW! Look for us on all six bands!...It is gonna be good!

73 Dick KB1H -- Tschuess!

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