[3830] N5XU September VHF M/L EM10

Jon Ogden jono@enteract.com
Mon Sep 13 22:13:28 EDT 1999

Kenneth E. Harker wrote:

>    This is the first time that I recall operating a VHF contest
>from N5XU and breaking 10K points without a big opening on six meters.
>We were pretty close to 10K Sunday night, when we had a brief burst of
>Eskip to Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina in the very last hour of
>the contest that resulted 17 contacts and 12 new grid multipliers, which
>pushed us over the top.  But the opening was really only two bursts of
>contacts, each about ten minutes long.  Stations with better antennas
>than us I'm sure could have dragged out a lot more scatter contacts between 
>the two peaks of scatter of which we took advantage.

Too bad you guys weren't farther north.  There was an incredible Aurora 
opening on 6 and a little on 2 during the DAY and a little in the evening 
on Sunday.  Unfortunately from our mobile roving station, we didn't have 
the antennas nor the quality transceivers to really do well working the 
aurora scatter.

Fun time though - I'll be posting the N8KWX/R score as soon as we have it.



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