[3830] Sprint CW - K1TO

K1to at aol.com K1to at aol.com
Sun Sep 5 02:18:48 EDT 1999

Meant to post this here and posted to CQ-Contest instead - oops...

K1TO - Florida

20 - 154  4L @ 93'
40 - 137  2L @ 87'
80 - 64    Inv vee @ 85'

Total - 355/53

Hours - 96-91-87-81

Man, the mults really did show up!  I just figured everyone was
working them, since there were only a few low numbers received -
#3 from N1AO/ME and #5 from W3PP/DE.  Even heard KO7X 
in UT several times.  Unbelievable to have 53 mults at 0221Z - 
last was KS0X/IA. 

80 always kills me in this thing - felt helpless as everyone 
beat me out repeatedly.  Finally stuck my tail between my legs 
and retreated to 40 to salvage the last hour.  

First Sprint with my MP - took some getting used to.  2nd rig 
was a barefoot '930 this time which hurt considerably on 40
& 80 especially.  Also takes away the ability to CQ on 2 bands
alternately with any success at all.  Don't even have a mic that 
works with the MP - sorry for the CW check-in on 3829...

Glad the t'storms stayed away again this year - our luck is 
bound to run out.

The new K2UA came thru with some crucial tech. support 
again.  As of 10 minutes before this thing, I was inoperable...
TU, Rus!!

73, Dan

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