Tony Wanschura tonyjw at primenet.com
Sun Sep 5 10:42:53 EDT 1999

First serious sprint in nearly ten years, but a personal best score in
spite of lots of problems getting my fingers to do what my brain wanted
them to do.  Thanks to many for their patience, especially to Jack
(W1WEF).  I seemed to get seriously tangled up every time I worked him!

250 Qs x 48 mults = 12,000 points

QSOs by band: 20 (81), 40 (108), 80 (61).
Seemed to be lots of mults around, but missed ME. DE, MT, UT, KS, ND,
and VE1, 2, and 8.  40 meters was great, 80 was very noisy with lots of
storm activity in the area.

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