[3830] KI7WX - CW Sprint LP

KI7WX at aol.com KI7WX at aol.com
Sun Sep 5 11:44:20 EDT 1999

1999 Fall Sprint - CW

Call: KI7WX
Name: Mark
State: NC

56 QSOs x 25 Mults = 1400 pts

FT1000MP, dipoles for 20M and 80M and elevated GP for 40M

Tried hard, thanks to those that worked me. Apologies for the hand sent cw - 
need to add pull up resistors to the keying interface and clear some RF on 
80M that gets into the keyer.  New QTH seems decent, simple wires for now, 
but tower #1  will be up soon.

See everyone next Saturday from W4MR at AA4NC.


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