[3830] K4RO CW Sprint Sep 99 SOHP

K4RO Kirk Pickering k4ro at k4ro.net
Sun Sep 5 12:46:53 EDT 1999

   Contest Date : 05-Sep-99

 Station Used : K4RO
       Operator : K4RO
     Team/Club : TCG

  Category : SOHP            Default Exchange : # KIRK TN

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Countries   

   80CW       83          83         83       1         0 
   40CW      127         127        127      18         0 
   20CW       80          80         80      29         1 

 Totals      290         290        290      48         1 

    Final Score = 14,210 points.

Station description: http://www.k4ro.net/tcg/stations/k4ro_stn.html
 Also used Ten-Tec Centurion amplifier (1kW) in addition to the AL-811
 (500W.)  One amp on each radio.  All 40 meter QSO's made with AL-811
 and a simple vertical antenna (plus various RX antennas.)
 Starting on 40 meters was kind of disorienting, because I am used
 to starting on 20.  I think it may have helped the multiplier count
 a bit though.  The SMC & MRRR & Sultan types were out in force - FB!

First attempt at running two radios in the Sprint was pretty much

a bust.  My brain just can't handle it yet.  It was good for quick 

band changes though, and for the first time I made more than two band

changes.  It pays to look at 20 meters well after the first hour to

pick up a few extra multipliers.  Likewise with 40 later on. 

was K7BG?  Missed you this time Matt, and heard no one else from Montana.

DX included Roger G3SXW and Andy LY2BTA.  Didn't hear CT1BOH this time, 

though other TCGers reported working Jose.

This remains the most humbling contest of all for me, and demands the 

highest level of performance every second.  Still need to eliminate those 

"deer in headlight" moments, or learn to recover from them even more 

quickly.  There's no time to waste in a Sprint.  I'm still pretty much

in awe of the top scorers in this contest.  You Sprint Top Ten types

are the best ops out there, IMHO.

Already psyched for the next one.  I am going to break 300 QSOs in this 

contest eventually.  Maybe even before someone like N5TJ breaks 400...

See you in the next one, and thanks for the QSOs.
 -Kirk  K4RO

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