[3830] AE6Y Sprint CW SOHP

Andrew Faber andrew.faber at gte.net
Sun Sep 5 19:04:17 EDT 1999

AE6Y SO HP Sprint CW
    249 QSO's by 46 Mults = 11,454 points for NCCC #1 team.

   My third sprint and lowest QSO total yet.  Is this progress??
     1)  Was on normal path for 270 or so Q's, but 80m was completely flat
here. Virtually nothing other than west coast heard.   Only got 36 Q's on 80
at a rate of 55/hr.  Last fall, it was 65 q's at 73/hr rate.
     2)  Was using a new (to me) TS570D in place of my usual TS950SDX.  The
570 is very cute and lots of fun, but can't handle CW in these conditions.
There seems to be some kind of AGC pumping action such that if there is a
strong signal nearby, it reduces the gain and makes the weak signal you are
trying to copy inaudible, even though you can't hear the strong signal
directly (this even with the 500 hz if filter installed).  The agc
apparently can't be turned off.  I don't notice this with the 950, even with
its agc on.  Does anyone have suggestions or a cure for this?
     BTW:  I listened on 3830 after the contest, and there was a QSO in
progress that was run off the frequency by us contesters in a peremptory
fashion.  I think better operating practice would be to have a backup
frequency to use in that event (I notice the group did QSY to 3829, but that
still forced the QSO on 3830 to pack it in).  This didn't help spread good
will toward contesting.
  73, andy, ae6y

Michael Dinkelman, N7WA
Kent, WA
mwdink at eskimo.com

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