[3830] K2UA September CW Sprint, High Power

Healy, Rus rhealy at adaptivebroadband.com
Tue Sep 7 14:43:29 EDT 1999

The Sprint is contesting in its purest form!

Well, either I'm a total lid or I was in the wrong place, propagation-wise.
20 went long early and I tried to paste together the second and third hours
by dialing both radios. Same basic thing happened with the 40-to-80
transition. Only made six second-radio QSOs this time. Maybe I need to try
the dueling CQ option in TR next time. :-)

It was nice to work so much West Coast on 80. The new (to me) Force 12
rotatable dipole seems to work well. WW2Y still beat me on 80 a few times.
Peter, what the heck are you running?!

    Callsign Used : K2UA
         Operator : K2UA

         Category : High Power

 Default Exchange : Nr Rus NY

             Name : Rus Healy
          Address : 5960 Canadice Hill Road
   City/State/Zip : Springwater NY 14560
          Country : United States
        Team : FRC Domestic

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Countries   
   80CW       81          81         81       1         0 
   40CW      111         111        111      14         1 
   20CW       85          85         85      28         0 
 Totals      277         277        277      43         1 

    Final Score = 12188 points.

ps: I live outside FRC territory, but I was glad to be on such a  great
team! Thanks to N2NC for putting it together.

Rus Healy
Engineering Group Leader, System Test and Verification
Wideband Product Group
Adaptive Broadband Corporation
Rochester, New York
k2ua at adaptivebroadband.com

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