[3830] Oops!

Doug Brandon dab at home.com
Tue Sep 7 20:39:24 EDT 1999

In my CW sprint soapbox, I wrote:

 >Hooked up a "fresh from the factory repair bench" Alpha 87a on
 >the second radio, and it promptly refused to work on 80m.

Chalk this one up to cockpit error.

Important rule:  Remove ALL shipping restraints before using the 
amplifier.  I thought we got them all, but we missed one on a RF choke 
relay.  Take your time even if it is only two hours before the contest!  :)

Hats off to John W0UN and Alpha for having a fix in my mailbox the next 
morning before we even had time to look into it!

    73 de Doug, N6RT

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