[3830] SSB Sprint N0AH WY

Dinsterdog at aol.com Dinsterdog at aol.com
Sun Sep 12 02:33:24 EDT 1999

Greetings- first, the abbreviated version of my first ever sprint:

Call Sign:  N0AH      Paul Veal
Carpenter,  Wyoming

Single Op, High Power, All Bands
(500 watts output)

40 multipliers 217 QSO's for 8,680

Statistics  (hand written paper log-)

Band Summary:

20 meters  1.40 hrs 26 mults 84 QSO's 3.23Q's per mult  6 ele Tenn Log 
Was a interesting first hour on 20 meters- kept thinking I was going to die 
from a direct lightning hit........"Ham Smoked Doing What He Loved".......

40 meters  1.20 hrs 29 mults 78 QSO's  2.68Q's per mult HF2V and Bevg's RX 
Without the amp....I would have done worse...I need a real 40 meter antenna 
system......If I had a 2 ele shorty up, I probably would have done ok just 
running low power for the whole contest- the it is still sitting in the grass 
next to the 1/2 built tower- I think I'll just put up another 4 sqr, this 
time, for 40 meters.....the more I think about it- the more I know a 40 meter 
beam won't survive long up here- 

80 meters  1.00 hrs  27 mults 55 QSO's  2.04Q's per mult 4 Sqr and Bevg's RX 
4 sqr worked great-  only hot switched them once- had some great 5 minute 
rates on 80 meters- 

QSO Hourly Rates:
1st hr  59
2nd hr 49
3rd hr  49
4th hr  57

Overall average hour rate 53.5 hour

Missed US Mults:  AL, AR, CO, DE, GA, (HI non mult) , KY, MA, MI, MT, ND, RI, 

Worked VE:  SK, BC, ON

Worked DX (non mult)  CT 

Soap Box:

It is fall in Wyoming- steady 30-50MPH wind out of the north entire contest- 
had to use the Bevg's for a bit on 20 meters due to wind static on the log 
from wind and T-strm in the area- Lot's of lightning and thunder in area most 
of contest- 

I can't believe I missed Colorado- where were these guys??  Ok, I can live 
with missing ND, RI, DE and AK........but not the rest of the list- 

Having N2IC operate up here last week gave me a goood idea of startegy to use 
in the sprint-  applying it was a different story- I think I got within 100 
or so QSO's of his score from last weekend-- 

Paper logging was fun...but the computer would have helped me search and 
pounce more-  I mainly just CQ'd, worked a station, and went up or down the 
band plus 5KHz-  duped a few times, but for the most part- had a fun time and 
felt I did ok considering all the wx QRN and lack of computer support- maybe 
CT software will someday support more stateside contest- I really like the 
program but have missed a computer log for NA QSO Party and Sprint contests 
this year-

73  Paul     N0AH
Carpenter, WY 


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