NX9T at aol.com NX9T at aol.com
Sun Sep 12 22:32:23 EDT 1999

 North American Sprint
         Contest Date: 09/12/1999
                 Mode: SSB     HP Sprint

     Station Callsign: NX9T        
    Operator Callsign: NX9T  
     State or Country: NC  
                 Name: Jeff Keller                   
              Address: 312 Thornwood Ln              
       City/State/Zip: Youngsville, NC 27596                  
     band        QSOs
      20           76
      40           85
      80           80
     total:       241 QSOs  X   44 mults  =  claimed score:  10,604
     Pre-registered Team: YES - SMC #1                        
     As always, really enjoy this contest.  Got a little sidetracked at
     about 0230 when a call came in on the phone from some folks who are
     buying our house.  Took a while to get going again. Only missed out
     on a couple multipliers that were heard...GA for one. Where were
     GA and KY???  Anyway, thanks to all for the fun. Seeya next time and
     maybe from a new QTH...ohboy....here we go again w/ the antennas! 73.

     FT1000, kw, low quad for 20m, and low V's for 40/80.
     Multipliers are listed on a separate sheet
     I, by virtue of my statement below, have taken part in the NCJ North
     American Sprint,  conscientiously  applying  my most  ethical inter-
     pretation of the rules for this contest as set forth in the National
     Contest Journal.
     Date_________ Signature________jlk_____________ Call___NX9T_____


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