[3830] K6LL SSB Sprint Score

k6ll at juno.com k6ll at juno.com
Sun Sep 12 21:13:09 EDT 1999


   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

   80SSB      53          53         53       0 
   40SSB      89          88         88       3 
   20SSB     190         189        189      48 

 Totals      332         330        330      51 

    Final Score = 16,830 points.

Drove to Yuma from San Diego for this contest. Geez, it's
still unbelievably hot over there, 107 degrees and high
humidity from the Sea of Cortez, just 50 miles south. Five
tons of air conditioning was fighting a losing battle with
the amplifier, at least in the radio room. If the radio didn't
work so well in Yuma, I'd move to San Diego in a flash. However,
ten years ago Danny, K7SS, told me "Don't change anything," so
I haven't.

1 Ts-850
1 Sb-220
1 KT-34XA @ 49' (I don't care WHAT they all say. This sucker WORKS!)
1 40-2CD @ 55'
1 half sloper from 46' on 75

2 band changes:
2.5 hours on 20
1 hour on 40
.5 hour on 75

I deliberately stayed on 20 WAY past optimum rate, to catch the
mults that show up only on 20, many of them from non-contesters.

LOTS of qso #1 on 20.

Missed: DE, GA, ME, MT, VE1, VE8

Memorable moments:

"Sorry, I'm working Europe ONLY. CQ contest, Europe only, K1..."

"OM, you're interfering with the...Net 3 Khz (up, down, sideways)"
(What do they want, a 6 Khz clear channel? Oh, the answer is YES!)

Working K7SS mobile.

Working W1HI in RI, the guy who administered my Novice exam in High
in 1958, and who used to put his senior class ring on the Vibroplex
weights to slow it down. Awesome!

Working AJ6V, another High School contemporary in RI in the 50's.

Working K7RFM/VE6, a Yuma Snowbird, for the VE6 mult. QSO #1 from him.

Working CT1BOH, with a BIG signal on 20.

Having WA8QCY call, and then finding he was mobile /VE2 for the mult.

Lots of qso's with Southern Cal Contest Club members, including
some never worked before.

Working Jeff? at N6HC? Didn't realize he was WC4E until I got back to
San Diego and saw the SCCC Team Roster! Didn't sound like Jeff.
Must be Arnie's mike.

Lots of fun! Well worth the 6 hour drive and lost beach-time.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
San Diego, CA
K6LL at juno.com

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