[3830] VA7RR (at VE7SZ) NA Sprint SSB HP 9-99

Gary Caldwell ve7ntt at bc.sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 13 19:29:38 EDT 1999

North American Sprint
SSB   September 1999

VA7RR (at VE7SZ)

295 QSOs x 50 Mults =   14,750 points

Team: NCCC

     Many thanks to Allan, VE7SZ, for the use of his FB station.

     This was my first sub-300-QSO Phone Sprint in quite a while.
Conditions this time were not very good in VE7-land, although a bit
better than the CW Sprint last weekend.

     Twenty was fine for the first half hour, but deterioriated rapidly
after that.  Was surprised to note that stations in W4 and W5 were
neither as loud or plentiful as I'd expect.

     Sigs on 40 were, in general, weak, and 75 was fair, but not great.

     Thanks to all for the QSOs!


Gary  VA7RR

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