[3830] W4MR Sprint SSB HP

KI7WX at aol.com KI7WX at aol.com
Tue Sep 14 00:45:35 EDT 1999

Call: W4MR
Station: AA4NC

Exchange: # Mark NC
Team: Hurlbots Hurlers

230 QSO x 47 Mults = 10810 pts

Mucho garcias to Will and Beth for letting me invade their home to scream 
into a microphone for 4 hours on an otherwise peaceful Saturday night.  A bit 
different from sprinting from the west coast, but a blast from anywhere. Had 
some trouble with local QRM on 80M which probably cost me 10-15 Qs on 80M.  I 
also stayed well past prime on 20 and 40 which made me late to 80M.  I always 
do this as it means more mults - someday I might even figure out how to get 
the mults *and* the extra QSOs.
See y'all from W6EEN in a few weeks for CQP.

Mark Curran
KI7WX at aol.com

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