[3830] CN8WW -- WAEDC SSB M/S

Bernd Och bernd.och at boc.de
Tue Sep 21 12:53:35 EDT 1999


  Call: CN8WW               Country:  Morocco
  Mode: SSB                 Category: Multi Single

  BAND     QSO   QTC     Cty   Mult
    80     417   416     (46)  184
    40     636   636     (48)  144
    20    1112  1112     (53)  106
    15    1085  1085     (51)  102
    10     701   701     (44)   88
   All    3951  3950    (242)  624  =  4,930,224

  OPs:  DL6FBL (=CN8WW)
        DL8WPX (also YB1AQS)
        SM3SGP (also SK3GW, CE3F)

  Club: Bavarian Contest Club (BCC)
  Rig:  Icom IC-775DSP + Ameritron AL-1500
  Ant:  80: Dipole sloping from 15m down to 3m height
        40: Dipole inv-vee using the same feedpoint
            (6m above the swimming pool)
        20: Tennadyne LP-6 LogPeriodic @ 6m height
        15: same as on 20m
        10: same as on 20m

  All reports sent were 59.

  Really having fun. Setting up the station took only
  two hours, taking it down the same. Incidentially set
  a new World/DX record... This contest was only to try
  out our new QTH for the upcoming CQ WW.
  We will be Multi/Multi in both SSB and CW portions.
  Please check our website at http://www.dl6fbl.de/cn8ww
  We will start putting infos, daily new pictures and
  stories after our arrival on site (October 20, 1999).
  Skeds etc. can be made by Email (mailto:cn8ww at boc.de)
  BEFORE the contest (not during...).

  If you think, you are a top class CW contest operator:
  we might still need you to join our team. Why don't
  you drop me a line? mailto:dl6fbl at boc.de

  73 Ben


           Bernd Och, DL6FBL/CN8WW
           Christian-Wirth-Str. 18
           D-36043 Fulda

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