[3830] W3LPL CQWW RTTY Report

Tyler Stewart k3mm at erols.com
Tue Sep 28 05:03:29 EDT 1999

                             1999 CQWW RTTY CONTEST

     Call used: W3LPL                                          Location: MD

     Category: Multi-Multi Unlimited      Mode: RTTY            Power: 1500

     Operators: NO2T, NE3H, K4GMH, W2GG, K3MM, W3EKT, N8YYS,
                                N3OC, N3UN

     Exchanged Information: W3LPL 599-05 MD

     Hours of Operation: 48

     band    QSOs   points    zones     ctys     st/pr
      80      291      506       18       45       49
      40      516     1145       25       70       52
      20      926     2273       35       97       52
      15      931     2413       34       92       48
      10      706     1834       29       83       40
     TOTAL   3370     8171      141      387      241

     *******       SCORE: 6,283,499        *******
                    NEW WORLD RECORD...(until HC8N reports in!hi!)

     Station:   The W3LPL Mega-Multi Station
     Equipment: FT1000MP's x 3-1000 amps on all bands
     RTTY:      NA v10.ff by K8CC plus RITTY v3.06 by K6STI
                using 486DX33 to 66 computers with SB16 cards
                for AFSK TX/RX w/ full Autotune...and no rodents!

     Comments:  Wow!  Conditions were very good for record scores (again).
                We exceeded our previous record by early Sunday morning
                (again!).  10 meters was a real band this time, with several
                hours of good openings in the AM's to EU.  Yet, the K was
                very low, allowing for good results on 80, even without any
                RX antennas.

                I have to give my great thanks to K8CC, who spent many nights
                before the contest to tweak his RITTY interface and add
                CQWW RTTY to NA's repetoire.  Having used his software for
                many other contests, including our VHF multi @ K3MQH, I knew
                there was one thing that WOULD work, it was his networking and
                Multi-Op support.  It wasnt perfect, but for the
                first time ever, we didnt have to log on a second computer
                network!  That's going to save me about 24 hours of log
                hashing time I'm sure.  Less time logging meant more time to
                make and pass QSO's

                Also, thanks to W3LPL, who lets us "test" his hardware for the
                real contests.

                Of course I have to thank all the operators who came in on a
                beautiful, hamfest weekend to help out.  Everybody did a great
                job, working cleanly and efficiently, and doing lots of

                73 til the next one!

                Ty K3MM

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