[3830] A Little Help Here, Please!

Roy Maull rmaull at citynet.net
Tue Sep 28 15:27:48 EDT 1999

	Hey Folks,

	I'd sure like a little help with posting the RTTY contest score summaries.
 Please put your CALL, CLASS, and POWER in the subject, along with the
CONTEST NAME.  Also, if you would be so kind as to check and see if your
logging program totals all columns when it creates the summary file.  If
not, would you please take the time to create these totals.
	I do all this by hand.  In other words, I don't have a program to scan the
summary sheets and make up the output file.  I read each summary, and enter
the data into a spread sheet, then export that to a text file.  I sure
would like to write a program to do this for me, but there are so many
different formats for the summary sheets from the logging programs, it
would be impossible to find all the right numbers (and you sure don't want
me to list the wrong numbers for you scores:-) ).
	Now that I am done complaining (not really), I sure had fun at W3LPL this
weekend.  Conditions were really super, and I see by the scores and soaps
that most all "suffered" under the same problems:-)  I sure hope all
enjoyed another wonderful contest, and a great weekend at the keyboard.

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