kl7y at alaska.net kl7y at alaska.net
Mon Apr 3 21:51:48 EDT 2000

                     CQ WW WPX - SSB
Call: WL7E
Operator(s): WL7E, KL7Y, WA2GO, KL2A, KL9A, KL7FH, AL7PJ, NL7RT, NL7Z, KL7CC
Station: KL7Y

Class: M/M  Power: HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band     QSOs
  160:     54
   80:    328
   40:   1098
   20:   2317
   15:   3764
   10:   2394
Total:   9955 x   1403  =  42,400,000



-  Did everyone in the world have super condx on 10 except us? We wound up
about 1000 Qs below what we expected on that band.  Despite a slow first night
and mediocre last few hours, we managed to meet expectations on all bands
except 10. Very frustrating to hear stations a couple of hundred miles north of
us with much better condx on 10.  We had hoped condx would be almost as good as
during  the ARRL DX SSB, but it wasn't close.

-  We experienced the same number problem with CT that NQ4I reported.  We had
it on two bands.

-  Thank heavens for JA on 80 and 40.

-  We got some help from some of the locals who don't usually get in the
competition.  They did pretty good once they passed basic contest logging 101.

-  CU in WPX CW!   

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