aa4lr at radio.org aa4lr at radio.org
Thu Aug 10 18:41:26 EDT 2000

                     North America QSO Party - CW
Call: AA4LR
Operator(s): AA4LR
Station: AA4LR

Class: SO
Operating Time (hrs): 7.7

 Band     QSOs  Mults
  160:      2      2
   80:     52     20
   40:     77     28
   20:     70     29
   15:     34     12
   10:      4      4
Total:    239     95  =  22,705

Club/Team: SECC #1


Kenwood TS-430S running 90 watts
20+ year old CMOS keyer

R7000 at 8 feet
80m doublet at 25 feet


While I still don't have my tower up yet, I managed to improve my personal best
scores. Caught K9AY in the first 10 minutes, and he moved me through all 6
bands. That's a first for me. Of course, Gary is only about 2 miles from me, so
its almost cheating. Later I remembered that I forgot to change antennas during
the move. I bet Cushcraft doesn't realise the R7000 works on 6 bands....

The "Golden Ears" award belongs to AA4S. Ron pulled my 160m signal out of the
mud for my only other 160m QSO. Considering I used the R7000 on 160m (with no
tuner), I was impressed that anyone could hear me.

Mostly S & P, but I did manage to do a lot of CQing. My apologies for my
grotty, error-laden sending -- I'm out of practice with the paddles. My keyer
also appeared to randomly speed up a slow down by a couple of wpm, I'm not sure

10m was disappointing, and things were slow early on, so I took a break at
2030Z. With the obligatory dinner break at 2330Z and not being able to keep my
eyes open past 0400Z, I only managed 7.7 total hours.

Looking forward to the January NAQP with a tower and decent antennas.

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