[3830] WAE CW 2000 and the solar storm

Herbert Ade-Thurow dl2dn at t-online.de
Tue Aug 15 23:37:31 EDT 2000

Dear fellow contesters,

"The solar storm almost blew WAE CW off the bands" (N6ZZ/5).

An incredible A=65 right at the WAE CW weekend shocked everyone
who listened to the bands on Saturday morning. When the bands 
started to return to normal on Sunday afternoon a lot of contesters
already had given up the hope for a high score this year.

Most of us have to live with smaller CW scores this year. There was
no lack of activity and I would like to encourage you all to send 
your log to waedc at darc.de - despite your QSO number may look a bit 

Many thanks.

73, Herb, DL2DN
WAEDC Contest Manager 


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