[3830] KD0S M/S HP

KF0FN at aol.com KF0FN at aol.com
Tue Dec 12 00:50:54 EST 2000

   1528800     Claimed Score       2381   QSOs         245  Multipliers

The power line noise increased with the colder weather and many of the weaker 
stations were quite difficult to hear. With the 5 element fixed on the west 
and the TH-6 and 4 ele monobander rotatable, we were in good shape with the 
antennas working very well. Europe showed up about the same time as the east 
coast this year, making it very difficult to work Europe through the louder 
east coast stations. One thing that was different from SD this  year is that 
I heard almost nothing on the band after about 0230Z through about 1400Z. 
Still had a great time..

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