Tim Mitchell tim.k9tm at totalink.net
Sun Jan 16 10:46:20 EST 2000

160 063 25
 80 299 49
 40 212 43
 20 123 38
 15 077 27
 10 128 21
    902 203  = 183,106

Team: MRRC1

Making progress.  Last year no 160 antenna... put one up but obviously I
need a better one.  So many cq's in my face on 160, even more frustrating
when they were mults... this really cost me in q's and mults (have a list of
11 mults that could not hear me on 160 and they were S9 here!).  Still
struggle to get people to qsy?  Maybe I need to be in a more rare state?
Not sure how to increase the mult total if people won't qsy?

As frustrating as it was, still a good time.  At least this time no software
problems, switched back to DOS and NA1043!!!

73 Tim K9TM

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