[3830] N3AWS FD Y2K 1E Notes

N3AWS at aol.com N3AWS@aol.com
Wed Jun 28 12:28:18 EDT 2000

I operated FD Y2K as 1E QRPp.  Used my Icom 706MKIIG at 5 watts.  Operation
was limited to 6 meters, although I listened on 10 and had S7-S9 noise level
for some reason from 28-29 MHz.  The only stations I heard on 10 were on the
satellite downlink.

Six was in good shape.  I didn't try to work a lot of stations; I
concentrated on new grids.  I worked 24 stations--mostly new grids or ones I
still need cards from.  There were at least five other stations on from
EM50, so our grid should have been easy to work.

I visited two local club portable operations (of course I couldn't operate,
because I had made QSOs with them).  The K5MDX group had a very successful
3A operation which included 5 towers, I think.  Look for them to score very

The W5WA club was a more relaxed 2A outing with an emphasis on fun,
emergency training, and participation.  They had a verticle and wire

Overall, I was very pleased with the weekend.  Hope everyone else had an
enjoyable FD!

73,  Jim Walroth N3AWS

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