[3830] LY6M operation in WPX CW

Robert Kasca s53r at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 4 23:44:24 EDT 2000

                 CQ WORLD WIDE PREFIX CONTEST -- 2000

      Call: LY6M (@LY3BH)             Country:  Lithuania
      Mode: CW                       Category:  SO/AB/HP/Un


      160       33       64   1.9        2
       80      161      369   2.3       16
       40      542     1645   3.0      181
       20     1111     2477   2.2      312
       15     1190     2812   2.4      297
       10      314      382   1.2       53

     Totals   3351     7749   2.3      861  =   6,671,889

Club Affiliation:  LITHUANIAN DX GROUP

Equipment Description:    Radio 1: TS850S/AT + 1 KW Amplifier
                          Radio 2: TS850S/AT + 1 KW Amplifier
       Two computers, home made 2R switch (audio out, PTT etc) box.

       Antennas: 160 - Inv Vee Dipole
                  80 - Sloping Dipoles
                  40 - 3 el Yagi @20m
                  20 - 6 el Yagi @23m
                  15 - 6 el Yagi @21m
                  10 - 6 el Yagi @26m

Soapbox Comments

     800+ second radio QSOs. Year ago opening to NA was better and longer.
  This year a bit more JAs but very low activity from NA and nice
  sporadic opening on 10 meters, which produced many "cheap" QSOs. Again,
  as last year, strong thunderstorm on Sunday evening and as a result lots
  of static crashes on all bands.
     Funiest contest moment was when one guy on Sunday afternoon on 10
  meters argued to me that I operating not alone! When I asked him "are you
  sure? I'm in SO2R mode" he told me "yes, sure! 2 operators. 2nd operator
  is on 21...". To what I said  "then lsn VY CAREFULLY". Pity, he didn't
  come back later... My host, Alex LY3BH laughed when I related him this
  story. Alex said: "well, I don't know about 2 ops but sure you where
  assisted, cause always I stir one's tea for you..". YES, I'm "2 in 1"!

  73, Dan  LY1DS


Hello Guys,

Reading 3830 I found the above mesagge from Dan LY1DS/LY6M and I must repy 
to it. Being in TS, with a small tribander and 2 dipoles over the WPX 
weekend, surely gave me enough time to check the bands.

Reading mesagge below, it looks like I wasn't the only one who observed 
something was fishy with LY6M. Dan, I can not argue with you about 2 
opertors being at the controls, you know it better, but there is something I

stand behind. LY6M had 2 signals at the same time on the air. YOu parked one

of the CQ machines at around 28014 and the second one around 21030 and the 
CQs were comming out simultaneously. This is, put it mildly, very wide 
interpretation of SOAB rules. The rule says clearly, boldfaced print in the 
January 2000 issue of CQ magazine, that ONLY ONE signal is permitted at any 
time. You have defeated this rule by all means.

I made a short test. When you were giving out a report on 28, you were 
simultaneously calling CQ on 21. Already during that QSO on 28 I put in a 
call on 21 and got immedioate response. Again, very nice operating - 
obviously you can handle 2 keyboards at the same time, but that were 2 sigs 
on the air at the same time. I checked later a few times during Sunday 
afternoon - stil the same. SOAB with 2 radios does not allow for such 
operation. All written above can be veryfied by a very respected and 
well-known S5 contester, if neccesary.

Why am I doing this, you may ask? LY1DS is an ex and this year's WRTC team 
member, and so am I. If we do not set an example for honest and fair contest

operations, who, but top and very active contesters will? This hobby does 
not need policemen, it just needs people who know how to interprete the 
rules and OBEY them. Cheating the rules does not help anybody and if we do 
not act swiftly, all left from contesting will be, trying to find a way to 
defet the rules and set the record. To my honest opinion, very poor 
advertising for contesting.

73 Robert Kasca, S53R

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