[3830] VE7IN VHF QSO Party SOLP

Earl Dery Earl_Dery at mindlink.bc.ca
Mon Jun 12 21:58:13 EDT 2000

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults

    6CW        1           1          1       1
    6SSB      20          20         20      16
    2SSB       4           4          4       3

 Totals       25          25         25      20

    Final Score = 500 points.

First Time ever in a VHF Contest. First 2Meter SSB contact. A lot of first
in this contest for me. Got to get the rotor working the antenna's where
just pointed about SW.
I wasn't planing on spending a lot of time to many other things to do,
repair  Yard tractor so can cut grass, repair pickup. Sure had fun for the
short times I was on. The condx here from my new to VHF outlook didn't seem
to really take off until unfortunately near the end of the contest. I am
truly amazed what one can work on 6 Meters. I hope to be better prepared for
the next one which I am looking forward to.
Thanks all for the Q's., feels like haming for the first time again.
73 Earl VE7IN

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